Should You Take Up A Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh To Deepen Your Knowledge And Practice?

Mar - 12

Should You Take Up A Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh To Deepen Your Knowledge And Practice?

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Do you aim to become a certified yoga instructor? If you have made this decision, then why not pursue the same from none other than the ‘yoga capital of the world’- Rishikesh. On the foothills of the Himalayas, along the banks of the river Ganges, lies Rishikesh- the abode of some of the best schools for yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh India. Being the birthplace of yoga, you will find the ideal environment here for wellness and spirituality. Every part of this holy place echoes the very essence of yoga- be it Ayurvedic healing, meditation retreats or ashrams.

Some insights into the blessings offered by only Rishikesh and not any other place in the world:

Yoga- the traditional and holistic approach

Other than destinations like Kerala or Goa or elsewhere, a program on yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is not the same. Teachers at Mahamukti Yoga school in Rishikesh believe that the traditional and holistic approach to yoga is the best form that educates and informs the learner. They are highly experienced and dedicated towards their students and keep encouraging them to to take home their yogic knowledge with them after completing the course, to transmit it to other students and fellow yogis to transform their lives.


To deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga, most yogis here in Rishikesh follow a sattvic diet. This is why most of the restaurants in Rishikesh that you will come across , have a sign outside stating “ veg” or “pure veg.” This small town in India is the ideal place for Indian vegetarian cuisine sans meat. Likewise at Mahamukti Yoga School, we follow nutritious vegetarian diet which is offered to the students as a part of our program package – one that truly suits an ideal yogic lifestyle.

Experience the Divine force through Indian tradition and culture

At Parmarth Niketan , every evening, the “ Ganga Aarti” is performed at the river bank. This ritual which has spiritual significance, is a must see for every visitor in Rishikesh and is a great opportunity to witness it in reality.

Yoga retreats

Your decision to visit Rishikesh may not be backed by any such intention of heading towards a new teaching career. In other words, you may be on the lookout to just deepen your practice and yogic knowledge. Schools like Mahamukti Yoga school help in understanding the philosophy of yoga and also conduct short term retreats for rejuvenation of the mind.

Simple yogic lifestyle

Rishikesh will teach you the simple way of living as all yogis follow. As compared to the comfort and luxuries of the West, you will find the ashrams here to be very simple and basic – the kind that enables you to focus on your training while deepening your practice of yoga and nourishing that spirituality within you.

So are you ready to face the challenges of life? If so , then pack up and get set for an enlightening journey to RIshikesh in India.

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